The Windows Live Messenger communication program is an instant messaging piece of software developed by the Microsoft Corporation in 2005. With this program, you can communicate with your friends or your colleagues online with visual and voice features. As with previous versions of Windows installation, millions of users use this one, and it became the most practical software for chatting purposes. It’s easy to use, and it offers a nice way to kill some spare time. Turkey version has recently been available for download, which is improved quite a bit. We have reviewed this wonderful software for you, and we want to share some of the features with you.

* Use Windows Live Messenger to help you do more things, not just chatting. We know you use MSN for messaging, but do you know that you can play games with the people registered at MSN, and send and receive video, audio, pictures, and so on?

* Use this excellent software to make the best cliché of yourself and express yourself to the world. It also has a feature that will show what song you are listening to. Also, it’s possible to edit pictures and videos in real time.

* The people with whom you chat often will appear first on your list. Contact and save the people you are most familiar with by adding a category named “Frequently seen.”

* Show your photos to your friends. When you send pictures, your friends immediately get them. They can see your picture with a small preview, or they can open it in full size.

With Windows Live Messenger, you can automatically see what’s happening with your friends in real time.

In short, we talked about the best features of this software that should be installed on every computer. Windows live messenger will update itself to a newer version when it becomes available.