Winamp player is one of the best music playing programs distributed completely free. It still maintains the title of being the most preferred and used media player in the world. Winamp, which is constantly updated, is one of the first apps you think about when it comes to mp3 playing programs. With this application, which still has the old design but some new changes in the features, it’s easy to create your own music on your computer in the best way possible.

In the new version, this software has also been secured, and the security exploits have been integrated with a nice skin file called Bento. Various add-ons have been added for you to work with and synchronize on devices like iPhones. If it’s sound quality we’re talking about, Winamp, is still able to play perfect songs. The album art features and the graphical music enjoyment are at a maximum level. Winamp makes almost all of your music formats easy to play in the clearest ways.

Some general features of the Winamp player:

* With standard control keys, you can pause and resume your media files, you will be able to skip to the next song, and stop the playback.

* The interface displays the album name of the song, the title of the author, the byte rate, the density of the sample, and the time when it ends.

* Equalizer support allows you to output voices at different tones. You can set and save your tone, and implement them when you want to. You can also turn this feature off with the on/off button. You can make special echo adjustments to a single song as well

* There are options such as creating a song list, adjusting the position, balancing the list and playing music again. If you click on “Random,” you can listen to the songs on the list without any interruptions.

* You can make school presentations with Winamp as well. With this practical application instantly add your music to the list with ease, and play it in your class

* You can change the information of the songs with the editor in ID3.

* Create an unordered list of new parts.

* With Ctrl + J, you can search through all of the songs you have added to Winamp. You can also do it by searching for the “Search” button in the menu.

* If you play music with Winamp Remote plugin, you can download the data from the Internet. This feature is usually great for CD covers or for those who don’t in which category to put their music in

winamp player

* You can also see the recorded fragments.

* With Winamp Dashboard you can also edit the latest news and media library section.

* You can choose your design with many customizable features.

* You can manage your music with your control knobs even in the main window.

* You can play not only audio files but also many popular video files.

Winamp contains the necessary tools to be able to play many file extensions. As new language support is added (Turkish language support), it becomes quite understandable and easy regarding usage.

Some formats supported by Winamp: Mp3, ASF, M4A, MP4, ptm, WAV, AAC, it, mod, nst, stm, AIF, itz, MP1, NSV, stz, AIFF, KAR, MP2, OGG, , M2V, MP3, okt, flac, VLB, m3u, m3u8, pls AU, mdz, MPEG, RMI, WMA, AVI, MID, MPG, s3m, mtm, s3z, xm, headlight, 669, VOC, b4s, asx, wpl, WMV, CDA, MIDI

Note: Winamp is free, but there is also a more advanced pro version. If you want to have it, you can buy it by paying $20.