Our lives nowadays take place on two different planes: firstly have our lives in the real world, or RL as people online would normally abbreviate it, and then you have your virtual life that takes place online. Whether these two reflect each other entirely or not depends on how the person wants to present themselves to others. But how much do you really know about these people and do you spy on them? In addition to that, you may also be wondering whether someone is spying on you?

Social Media As A Way Of Looking Into People’s Privacy

If you have ever entered a Facebook profile of an ex, you are probably pretty much aware that people can use social media to spy on other people. That being said, you must also realize that just like you have been looking at profiles of other people, other people have probably looked at your profile as well. In addition to that, social media allows you to use it as a way of communicating and staying in touch, but also as a way of looking at other people’s activities and lives without actually being in their lives.

Social Media Spy

The problems which may arise are numerous, and everyone who has ever unwillingly liked someone’s photo while going through their profile will know this – but there is a more immediate threat. Namely, people usually want to portray themselves as better than they really are.

Who Are You Online?

So if you’re using social media to spy on someone, do not be deceived by all the fancy vacations and poetic love quotes.

Chances are that this person to has rough patches but they are not willing to share that online. People are often deceived by these picture-perfect lifestyles which are delivered to them by social media, and many people also get depressed when they see that everyone else seems to be doing exceptionally well.

Jealousy And Spitefulness – The By-Products Of Social Media

This is why spying on other people without actually knowing anything about their lives can be bad for your own life and your own attitudes toward your life. If you’re spying on someone’s profile in hopes that they are doing miserably, you will probably be disappointed.


People are not willing to put up on social media thing that really bother them or make them seem weak. People usually use social media to portray themselves as the strongest candidate, and to celebrate whatever a good is happening in their lives at the moment. You should get the same and you should focus on your own life and on your personal growth and development.