There are many happy couples on Facebook and Instagram. In fact, at one point after ending up singe and heart-broken, I really could not stand to see all the photos from enchanted, fairy-tale weddings, new-born babies, engagement parties, honeymoons –

You Get My Point!

In fact, anyone who has ever been single in this happy-picture-perfect virtual world, understands me. That is probably why I have decided to fake a relationship and see whether it will create any kind of mystery around me and perhaps even get me some attention. (I know, it sounds lame and stupid, but if it is stupid and it works, then it is not stupid, right?)

Teach Me, Master!

For this experiment you will need: a social media account (preferably Instagram, because it will create even more mystery about you), some imagination, a solid phone camera, time and some money. So, I will explain three pics I put up and the reaction that followed.

Picture Number One: The Early Bird Catches The Worm

My first picture I uploaded somewhere around 4 PM on a lazy Sunday, but it was actually taken on my lunch-break on Monday. I ordered two plates of breakfast, carefully arranged them, so that it looks like I was having brunch with someone and take a cute pic.


I made sure to add #brunch #date #timeofmylife #tellmemore. This got my friends wondering, many of them liked the photo, but it was nothing explicit for the beginning.

Picture Number Two: A Random Concert Pic, With A Cute Guy!

So, I made sure I got the picture of the crowd cheering and I even managed to get a silhouette of a guy standing near. This was not planned but it turned out to be perfect! #boyyoumakememove #dancewithme #blueeyedboy, got me some heart-eyed emojies in public and in private my friends texted me to find out more about this guy I was seeing.

Picture Number Three: A Bouquet Of Roses

So, I bought myself a bouquet of roses for Valentine’s Day and wrote a card to myself. I took a photo of it and added some cute #Iloveyoubaby #excited #thankyou #grateful #mybeau. So, this is what made my phone red hot with calls and messages.

I did not explain anything further, but I leave them guessing. This social experiment just shows that a little bit of mystery is truly the spice of life!