Many people around the world use social media. However, social media has affected the ways in which we communicate and make friends to such an extent that social contacts are changed drastically. Can social media really help you make friends, or does it make even more difficult?

Finding Friends Through Commonalities

When you are a member of a certain group or have some friends in common, it is not so unusual to push that button and send a request on its way to make you a new friend. But what do you know about this person?


Virtually nothing, but that is the point of making new friends. What we should be asking ourselves instead, it what will you find out about that person? Well, this is where the things get a little bit tricky, because you see –

You See What They Want You To See

This is the case with all social media. You present yourself in the best possible light. You will try damn hard to take the best pics, post pics of your graduation, trips with friends, nights out, vacations with your significant other, engagement, wedding, the birth of your beautiful child.

Social pics

However, there is a bunch of things people do not post about themselves, and this is the harsh reality. But we do not want others to know that we have broken up, failed a test, fallen apart with a best friend, had a disastrous haircut the other day, piled up 10lb last summer.

You Are In Control

Since we are all in control, we kind of already know that the information which is served to us, is far from what people are really like.

But if you do not know somebody with all their flaws, how much do you really know them? Also, at the same time all of us try to maintain that control in our social media, even if we are not able to keep in the same in our lives. This is why social media can really depict you as someone you are not, and you should keep in in mind when making friends online as well.