Nero is one of the best quality software used to burn DVDs and CDs. It is the most popular CD printing program in the world in its category. It’s easy to use, and it writes your files on the disk in a fast manner. With Nero, it’s easy to write discs, whether you are a professional or an amateur PC user, with great design and menus in front of you, it won’t be hard. Nero9 is a new version of the digital media application that eliminates the need for all-round printing with its tangential structure. With the integrated advanced tool, you can print your tasks in a simple way. The Nero application is not just for burning DVDs and CDs, but it also allows you to make changes to the files on your computer and it supports almost all media files.

With its simple user interface and powerful media tools, Nero offers a variety of features such as creating data discs for computer users, extracting data from your discs and recording new, fast copying from one disc to another, changing and editing files, and using online storage servers. Whether you have a video, picture, music or a data file, you can do it any way you want. Nero smart interface support makes it easy to access your disc burning operations.
With this highly flexible software, it is easy to print your data on CD-R-RW and DVD-R-RW discs. It’s easy to add various effects to the video you have prepared, and edit files with cut and paste, add text and edit Wav format and MPEG-4.
It comes with a coding application and DVD videos with MPEG-4 format conversion feature. As a single package, the Nero software is perfect for backup, video, audio and data files. It works with CD writers and produces quality prints.

Some of the innovations and features in the new Nero 9 program:

* Prepare slide videos with Nero without needing extra software and prepare to play them on your DVD and CD players.

* Burn your movies smoothly in professional quality and many formats. It also follows perfect resolution.

* With the advanced backup system, print on your DVD or CD

* Write up to 50 GB large discs in Blu-ray technology

* Give effects to your files with advanced Mp3 format coding

* Copy Nero 9 Peripheral 5.1 support DVD discs directly on the fly

* Accurate reading and writing speeds

* Ability to recognize CD-DVD-BLURAY printers without any problems thanks to ASPI support

* CD or DVD movies you want to cut the scenes out from can be combined with the new project

* Share your movies with other people via your contacts

* Intermediate interface structure that’s easy and fast to use

* CD and DVD shutdown support to add extra files to media files

* Transcribe the broadcasts you watch on your TV card in an easy-to-format format

* Writing support with double layered peripheral hardware such as Light scribe and 7.1 audio codecs

* Video player, Image uploader, slide video editing application, downloading images from browser, downloading from the Internet

* Recognize and print image formats such as iPod, DVD, and normal home video

* Works with Windows operating systems as a whole and works without needing extra drivers

* Automatically upload videos or images to YouTube, MySpace, and My Nero.

It supports many languages, including Nero Turkey in the installation package

Inside the Nero Smart Package:

nero_startsmart* Nero Express, Nero StartSmart, Nero ShowTime

* Nero Recode, Nero SoundTrax, Nero RescueAgent

* Nero Live, Nero CoverDesigner, Nero Vision

* Nero PhotoSnap, Nero InfoTool, InCD

* Nero BurnRights, Nero DriveSpeed, Nero WaveEditor

* Nero DiscCopy Gadget, Nero DiscSpeed, Nero Live Gadget

* Nero ControlCenter, Gracenote Plugin, mp3PRO Plugin

* Nero Burning ROM, Nero PhotoSnap Viewer, Nero ProductInstaller,

The minimum system requirements for Nero:

* Pentium III 1Ghz processor and 256MB memory for printing CD / DVD / BLURAY

* Pentium III 1.5Ghz processor and 512MB memory for DVD encoding and TV recordings

* Pentium 4 1.6 GHz processor and 512MB memory card for recording.

NERO INSTALLATION: When you first install the program, it’s asking for a serial number. You need to click on the link in the official web page to get the serial number. After entering your e-mail address on the emergency page, click on “Request again” in the lower section. The required code will be sent to your e-mail address by Nero. Complete the installation and start using Nero.