The cutting edge LASIK eye surgery procedures have reached the peak with the outbreak of the modern and the most advanced technology in medicine. This technology gave the eye surgeons a great advantage that they use on a daily basis to fight the various vision disorders and problems.

Not only that you as a patient will receive the best care that you can possibly get but, you will also get a chance to schedule a free consultation that will help you to determine what kind of vision problem you actually have.


LASIK eye surgery procedures have several common features and just one goal, to restore your functional vision back to the normal for you. They can also help to greatly reduce the dependence on contact lenses and glasses, allow the patients to resume their daily activities almost the next day, they are very quick and effective.

What is also a great thing is that these procedures are known as the outpatient procedures because they do not require a patient to stay during the night after the surgery. Using one or more lasers or a customized lens, these high technology procedures have been able to achieve really amazing things in the area of eye surgery and greatly help a large number of patients.

Since the Diamond Vision LASIK eye surgery NYC center offers the possibility of free consultations in order to determine which procedure would be the best for you, you can absolutely rest assured that the experienced professionals will attend to your needs in a timely manner and with the utmost professionalism.

iLASIK and other procedures

In case that you have troubles with astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsightedness, you should know that LASIK procedures are the most widely used ones and they proved to be highly efficient with removing any symptoms of the aforementioned vision disorders.

Everything is revolving around the cornea flap area. Thanks to the laser technology, the experts have been able to greatly improve the efficiency of the procedures and reduce the visual recovery period greatly.

Other procedures are also bladeless and painless too. Intralase bladeless LASIK procedure gives total control to the surgeons while CustomVue implicates a very sophisticated and customized treatment that will help patients to improve their night and day vision. A relatively new procedure called iLASIK that is actually a combination of Intralase, Iris Registration and Custom Vue, has recently emerged and already it is giving more than satisfying results.


Also, what is very important to mention is dry eye diagnosis and treatments. This is something that other vision centers avoid having. The Diamond Vision center provides full care and treatment including a lip view aberrometer that can greatly help with diagnosing of oil deficient dry eye and ocular surface disease.

This can help with osmolarity testing too by monitoring the dry eye severity and how well the eye response to treatments. The patients can rest assured that they will be taken care of with utmost dedication.