Mozilla Firefox is an open source project and free Internet browser software. It is one of the applications that help you navigate through web pages. Firefox has more advanced features and mods than the standard web browser the Internet Explorer. This software has a massive user base of millions. This browser, which does not compromise the security of the PC at all, can block sites that try to access your PC with malicious code and steal your information. Regarding speed, Firefox makes a big difference compared to his competitors. If your PC hardware is strong, you will not use other browsers after you’ve installed Mozilla. Regarding usage, it is very practical. It works on Windows operating systems without problems.

Some of the features of Mozilla Firefox:

The Mozilla Firefox browser is the browser that has the most customizable extensions in the world. You can tailor your browser to any style you want and make it easier for use. If you’re looking for some add-ons, feel free to visit the website. You can also upload your add-ons.

As you can see in the above picture 2, it is a great idea to make Firefox so wonderful with many customizable contents. You can customize it, and you’ll be able to use it with ease.

You can also easily create your Favorites. You can add your favorites to your bookmarks with a single click and visit them later. To do this, press (Ctrl + D) on the keyboard and press the star mark on the right side of the address bar. You can also backup your favorites bar later. If your Firefox browser crashes, the bookmarks will stay.

With the integrated search box, it’s easy to search for content on large websites like Google, Wikipedia, and Yahoo without wasting any time. You can also add a search term for your site or for the site you like.

Firefox also has RSS support. By adding the RSS addresses of the quality websites you visit every day, you have the ability to reach the latest topics from your browser without entering the pages. If you have the RSS broadcast feature on the other pages, you can add it to the primary tab by clicking on the antenna icon on the right side of the toolbar.

The parental control mode allows your children to browse the Internet safely. This module, which is fully compatible with Windows, takes measures against unwanted files or problematic software.

A newly added feature is an integrated antivirus application. When you are browsing the Internet or downloading a file, it instantly prevents it from being compromised and protects your computer from threats. Although it is not a very advanced application, it is a nice application to protect your security. It can often prevent the attack of known viruses.

Firefox has automatic password recall option. You can always save the passwords of the sites you enter and remember them the next time you visit. This is a very secure application, and your passwords will never be accessed by the Mozilla Corporation.

mozila popups blockers

Popups Blocker has been added for a variety of disruptive advertising issues. It is blocking the popup codes for every known script.

It also can resume from where you left it when you encountered an error and closed the browser.

You can reduce the size of the images on the web pages with your mouse.

This program, which is still being developed although it is open source, has the feature to update itself automatically, and when they release new versions, it alerts you with a reminder window, and if you want to install it, just click “yes.” If you restart the browser, the new version becomes active.

If you want to find out more about Mozilla Firefox which has many useful tools and features, you can visit the official website.