One of those things that all houses need for summer is patio misters. We all know that we will encounter those hot days during summer that can ruin our fun and games. The trick is, this system is not expensive, it is easy to install, and it requires little to no maintenance. So the big deal is that this system turns water into small particles of dust or mist. And that is why it is called a mister. It is quite effective when you need to cool down the area outside when the temperature goes up. One of the best things is that these systems are usually around 60 dollars. And for that amount of money, you can have an entire sprinkle system that can cool your entire garden if you choose to install it through the whole garden. It is a nice way to enjoy outside parties without the worries of the hot weather.

What about the temperatures?

As for the temperatures, the area that is covered with this system can be 20 degrees colder than the outside temperature. So this is a very effective system as you can see. 20 degrees is maybe not that much, but when the outside temperature is a living hell, even 20 degrees can help you a lot. The best thing is that your floor or your porch of the house will be colder if you install this system in that area also. Even the walls that are constantly covered with water will be much cooler so you can imagine what the effect is. The big advantage of this system is that it can act as an outside air conditioning. It creates a cold mist that feels fresh on your skin, and it is simply wonderful. So you could imagine, why are these systems becoming more and more popular.

What about maintenance?

The normal question that any future owner would ask. And it is expected. You don’t want those pipes to start popping all over the place. It is a good idea to run some water through the system before installing those nets that create a mist. A couple of minutes should do the trick. After that, you can install those nets, and the magic begins. If you have the options to adjust the temperature of the water, you could make it even better. Extremely cold or extremely hot water could ruin it all. So make sure you have the normal temperature of the water. Water that is cold even in a form a mist can get unpleasant. So make sure that the temperature of the water is normal. When you install this system, you will feel the joy and wonder it brings. You will be able to go outside even when it is too hot. The mist will protect you from the hot weather.
So make sure that you do the math and choose the correct size of these systems. One system can cover your whole garden regardless of the size. The same goes for patios. The bigger the system, the more money you will need to pay for it.