LimeWire is an open source code, and it is one of the most popular applications that allow you to connect to p2p networks and share files on a secure basis with those who use the same software. The latest versions, which have been added to the website with the Turkish language support, are practical to use. LimeWire is written in a Java-based programming language, so the Java runtime application needs to be installed to run it. You can also use a firewall with this software installed; they won’t interfere. Use it not only on your PC but also by installing it into your devices like an iPod or an iPhone. You can install extra add-ons to download torrent files. You can easily download torrent files with LimeWire without the need for an external program. It also allows proxy entries.

With the fast file download feature, other sharing programs make a big difference and are used by millions of people. With LimeWire, searching for pictures, videos, music, programs or other forms of documents is a piece of cake. It’s easy to download files; you just need a few mouse clicks.

With an easy-to-use interface, even inexperienced users can easily use LimeWire without any problems. This software includes all features and mods that you need to have in a file sharing program; just get rid of all your other ones. It has an integrated media player, so you’ll play your music without any problems.

To mention some general features of LimeWire;

features of LimeWire* Downloading files allows you to download at maximum speed supported by your Internet provider,

* Safely share files with users using up to 80% of the firewall.

* The ability to chat with the author of the downloading file.

* It is possible to continue the download in the same place where the error occurred.

* Connect directly with the people you know and make a file exchange.

* Support for Torrent files.

* Work on your iTunes and iPod devices.

* It has proxy support.

* Search for anything you want

* Supporting dozens of languages including Turkish.

Changing your custom settings is also a possibility. LimeWire can automatically update itself, so you don’t need to worry about that. One of the most beautiful features that I have forgotten to mention is that you can browse the files you downloaded with easy use of the search feature.

LimeWire is a constantly evolving piece of software, and you can download new releases from your website.