With Google Earth, you can watch the world from above with a smile on your face. With this unprecedented storyline that Google has created, you can see how easy is to go anywhere in the world. This program has been a big contributor to the world since its debut and has shown great features. It is estimated that there are millions of users. We need to congratulate Google for creating excellent software; they have always been very successful at it. Google Earth is a constantly evolving application, and the last thing added is that we can observe the depths of space, and even land on Mars. You can also see the cities from above and even people walking on the streets.

You can see the Earths most wonderful mountains, lakes or oceans with ease. It’s enough for you to enter the city name and hit enter. Also, it’s possible to input coordinates and find someone that way. It can zoom in up to 100 feet.

Experience the depths of the seas with Google Earth; it allows you to see the earth’s wonders in 3D. Visit any sea or river you like; the possibilities are endless.

Some of the important features of the program:

features of the google earth * See how buildings in big cities look like in 3D.

* Quick navigation mode allows you to start navigating through the scenes you are watching. You can jump from one building to another, from one hilltop to the other, and you feel like you’re standing in front of the building.

* Navigate in 360 degrees panoramic view between the streets of your city.

* Reach places you’ve never discovered before thanks to Google Earth.

* Enter the postal code of a city, the address, the name of the street, press “go” and you’re there in a matter of seconds

* Go on a journey through the Milky Way to watch the stars or planets and even discover the vast space.

* With the special button on the planet Mars, you can walk around Mars freely.

• With the ruler icon on the toolbar, it’s easy to determine how far an object from a relative point is. It comes in handy when you want to travel and determine how much fuel you’ll need for the said trip.