Since the Google Chrome Internet browser first came out, it has summed up the great interest of the software makers in the browser category and the Internet users around the world. Chrome browser, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, can be used as an alternative to other browsers, with the difference that browsers look different regarding design and reliability. You can use this software which I have tested as Turk3 editor personally even if you do surf for hours on the Internet. I can say that I have not come across a browser that is as good as Chrome regarding security and fast loading pages.

The Google company talks about the features of an open tray on its official website or their various blogs, but we wanted to talk about some of the features of Chrome for our dear visitors.

Some general features of Google Chrome:

* When you enter a few letters of the search word in the toolbar, you’ll easily get a list of recommended websites. Get to these sites with a single click without wasting time.

* Open each page in a separate browser tab, and browse sites through a single browser without a mess on your screen. Also, see the most visited sites with their screen images, the favorite sites you used the most, and the sites you have recently closed.

* Preview thumbnails of the web pages that you have visited the most in the preview. This feature allows you to access the best pages you are visiting with a single mouse click.

* Quickly access your favorite applications or websites by assigning shortcuts to your desktop.

features of Google Chrome

* With active browser tabs, you can open as many web pages as you want on multiple tabs. You can get quick access to the sites this way.

* When an error occurs on the browser tabs, Google Chrome simply closes that page and your other pages will not be harmed. This feature with drag control is only available on Chrome.

* Do you want to browse secretly? You don’t want the web history to appear? If the answer is yes, just do this by starting the hidden navigation mode.

* This browser blocks all sites that are not identified on the Internet, or they distribute malicious codes to threaten your computer.

* Create your bookmarks with ease. When you click on the star icon in the address bar, you’ll save a bookmark. Set a password if you do not want other people to mess with your bookmarks.

* With the file download manager, it’s easy to download as many files from the Internet as you want at the same time. Follow the download status by percentage and size in the browser window.