Social media has gone through a period of massive expansion and in the last decade it has reached out even to the far corners of the world, trying to connect people. But, just like any idea, even if it was envisioned as something that would help people, ultimately it has been found that social media can definitely affect your social life in a negative way. When it comes to young people, they are definitely more susceptible and social media can have devastating effects – some even use social media as a career choice.

How Social Media Affects Lives

Social media is there to connect people, however with people who are emotionally unstable either because of their age or their emotional state, it can have negative effect. People need to understand the negative aspects of social media that have become a real celebration of the individual praising their egos. Learning how to distinguish between the real life and virtual life is becoming increasingly difficult.


But it can also cause some real-life issues and problems when you start believing everything you see online. The majority of people would like you to believe they lead super-glamorous, perfect lives, when in reality they probably have their own problems just like anyone else.

Young People And Social Fears

As it has been mentioned, with young people all of this can just complicate interpersonal relationships even more. It seems like all of this social media presence can only make more harm. There have been instances of social bullying and negativity spread through social media.


In addition to that, these young people have to understand the rules and trends that are in social media and behave in a specific way. Perhaps all of this is only alienating people even more, allowing them to meet people online and in a way making them social cripples in the real world.

social-networkingSocial Media And Bullying

In the online world anyone can be just about anyone they want. This allows room for misrepresentation, but also for anonymous bullying, which is the main concern today. There have been instances of teenagers who have succumbed to cyber-bullying and unfortunately it has become a well-known scenario around the world. Putting an end to social media also means putting a stop of cyber-bullying, as well as going through episodes of depression because of the misrepresentation of others and comparison with unrealistic ideals.