With the CCleaner, you can improve performance by cleaning all unnecessary files on your computer. After cleaning up the system with the CCleaner, which also has the Turkish language supported, you get a more stable PC. Even though it’s not a large program, it does wonders for your computer by erasing excess data.

The name Crap Cleaner has been the focus of attention all over the world since its first release. The reason behind this attention is the quality of the program. It works great, and when it erases your data, you feel like you’ve bought a new PC. That’s why you need to clean your system often, to get as much power from your PC as possible.

The CCleaner consists of 3 sections to configure your system. Let’s talk about these:


This feature includes tools to clean unnecessary data as we mentioned above. What is cleared? You can use it to view the history of Internet pages, cookie files, system clipboard memory, chdsk fragments, and old header files. Also, Windows filenames, traces of recent opening documents, index.dat files, addresses of visited websites, auto identification forms, lost and unnecessary start menus and desktop shortcuts, the history of many applications such as Messenger, CuteFTP, winrar, media player, traces of downloaded data, and more. It’s possible to remove all unnecessary files with a single click.

Registry editor

ccleaner-registry-editorThis feature is useful for clearing and repairing erroneous entries in the Windows registry, as well as data that occupies space. The registry is known to be the brains of windows, and faulty processes can cause the system to become tired, clogged, or corrupted by various negative content. Cleaning and repairing are what Regedit does best. It configures the missing DLL files and extensions of the files you do not use, ActiveX and class problems, font registry, applications, shortcuts and help files, startup applications, spam and the registry settings of the registry files you don’t use.

Required tools

This menu contains some necessary tools. A feature has been added that allows you to remove software such as the standard add/remove application on your computer’s control panel. When you click on this button, you will see how many software packages are listed on the system, and if you click on the “Run” button, you can uninstall the software you want and remove it from the computer without leaving a trace. You can put the software you want to get rid of in a passive state. With the System Restore feature, you can restore and retrieve any lost data.