For over two decades, out family owns and runs bakery business. Bagels and deli were our primary focus for a long time, but over the time we’ve decided to expand the business to a wider collection of pastry and to include even cold meals and lunches of various cuisines into the menu of our restaurant. We still serve the best bagels in copiague ny and the number of our regular customers, and loyal clients grow day after day.

We are located at quite a convenient place where dozens of business people, tourist, and locals pass by to grab breakfast or meal, but there are also many people traveling with the intention to stop by and buy our products. Our pastry is fresh, quality and delicious. We bake fresh amounts every morning and refresh our assortment during the day, but there’s also the option of baking a special number of bagels or any other pastry for you if you contact us and order it. All bagels go with appetizing foods, cold lunches include meals from various cuisines, and we provide an impressively wide assortment of flavors and combinations.

technical-supportOur team involves passionate, dedicated, experienced and skilled workers, who function as a good team and strive to provide great service, high quality of served food, pleasant atmosphere in our restaurant and cherish good relations with all our customers. Aside quite high standards we’re trying to meet within our restaurant, our team keeps enriching the list of services we provide, and the current plans include the opening of few more restaurant with the best bagels in Copiague NY, as well as further developing and expanding of our ongoing business. All of these aspects require the exquisite organization of time, space and resources and the latest International exhibition we’ve visited has changed a lot.

Bakery business improved with technology

During the winter this year, our team visited an International exhibition of technologies and products designed for bakery and pastry field and presented our work over there. Bakery hall and sector hosted dozens of influential and competitive bakery businesses and companies providing pastry products, so we had extremely useful opportunity to get the impression and clear picture of the current bakery industry and market. We’ve observed the products of our competition, the methods they use and services they provide, but the most important aspect of the exhibition was getting familiar with various technologies and applications specially designed for bakery businesses. One of the applications we decided to implement into our business has helped us a big time ever since and changed significantly we operate and interact with our customers.

Tech innovation in our bakery business

The application we’ve implemented into our business created solid network and interaction between us and the market, including both our regular and potential customers, as well as our competition in the bakery field. The application is the basis of our vivid web presentation, where you can get all the information about our bakery, our products, shifts, assortment, prices and much more. Online reservations and online orders are, also, supported by this application. The application may be downloaded to the cell phones and similar devices of our customers and provide them direct contact with our team. This way, you may send your order now and pick your bagels and other food within an hour or less.

Other benefits of this software

The complex application enables us to monitor all other bakeries, their innovations, products, and prices and consequentially adjust our business according to the market conditions. We are notified every time a new visitor “stops by” at our website presentation and makes an order. Application, also, enables us to survey our regular customers, the frequency of their orders, impressions, suggestions and the charts present the fluctuations and various statistics about our business. This way, our team gets better communication with customers, clear picture of the market, competition, and our own business, so we can come up with the right decisions about improving our bakery process.