Author: Vivian Wormley

You Too Can Get Your Own WordPress Site In A Single Day

Getting your own site might be necessary for certain professions or purposes, but the majority of people think that it is a long and excruciating process. Getting your own site doesn’t have to be difficult, or expensive and you too can hire wordpress plugin developer to help you achieve this. Here is all you need to know before hiring a wordress developer.

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Social Media Can Help You Make Friends – True Or False?

Many people around the world use social media. However, social media has affected the ways in which we communicate and make friends to such an extent that social contacts are changed drastically. Can social media really help you make friends, or does it make even more difficult? Finding Friends Through Commonalities When you are a member of a certain group or have some friends in common, it is not so unusual to push that button and send a request on its way to make you a new friend. But what do you know about this person? Virtually nothing, but...

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My Social Media Experiment – Faking A Relationship

There are many happy couples on Facebook and Instagram. In fact, at one point after ending up singe and heart-broken, I really could not stand to see all the photos from enchanted, fairy-tale weddings, new-born babies, engagement parties, honeymoons – You Get My Point! In fact, anyone who has ever been single in this happy-picture-perfect virtual world, understands me. That is probably why I have decided to fake a relationship and see whether it will create any kind of mystery around me and perhaps even get me some attention. (I know, it sounds lame and stupid, but if it...

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A Different Point Of View: Can Social Media Ruin Your Life?

Social media has gone through a period of massive expansion and in the last decade it has reached out even to the far corners of the world, trying to connect people. But, just like any idea, even if it was envisioned as something that would help people, ultimately it has been found that social media can definitely affect your social life in a negative way. When it comes to young people, they are definitely more susceptible and social media can have devastating effects – some even use social media as a career choice.

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Google Chrome

Since the Google Chrome Internet browser first came out, it has summed up the great interest of the software makers in the browser category and the Internet users around the world. Chrome browser, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, can be used as an alternative to other browsers, with the difference that browsers look different regarding design and reliability. You can use this software which I have tested as Turk3 editor personally even if you do surf for hours on the Internet. I can say that I have not come across a browser that is as good as...

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