Only 20 or 30 years ago, the only way you could tan was to expose your skin directly to the sun. It is the way people developed tans before the inventions like tanning beds and spray-on tans. A rich, bronze shade is desired among men and women to show off their bodies on the beach. But, which tanning method is the best? Which gives you the most without endangering your skin or your health overall? Keep reading, and we will tell you a little bit more about why we believe that spray tanning is an adequate way to develop a tan for most people.

People have realized that inadequate and excessive exposure to UV rays can produce very injuries. It is why more and more of them move away from this tradition and decide to develop a tan using a self-applied self-tanning solution or opting for the quickness of a spray tanning booth. Furthermore, spray tanning produces an even shade throughout the whole of your body. And it takes a mere second to do it. So, no more laying around in the scorching sun or the claustrophobic tanning beds. Your option should always be spray tanning!

The basic rules and methods of spray tans

In short: the process of spray tanning means applying a product which works in unison with your body to form the desired shade of tan color. Of course, no person alive is alike, and each of us has specific and unique metabolisms and body chemistries. That is why the shade cannot be the same on two different people.

Our advice is to approach spray tanning progressively, from a lighter to darker shades. This way you cannot go wrong, meaning you cannot apply an unnaturally dark shade for your skin. As for the process of spray tanning, it cannot be more simple. Just apply it yourself or with the help of a friend.

The most common methods of spray tanning are professional salons equipped with specialized spray tan booths, airbrush tools for manual application and, of course, you can apply the spray tan yourself. For best results and a healthy, california tan, we recommend Artesian tan products.

Why should I go for a spray tan?

Besides the obvious reasons like simple and lightning fast application, excellent results and great control, you should be aware that spray tanning keeps you out of the harmful UV radiation of the sun. Spray tanning will produce even results, you will always get the exact shade you want, every single time, and it will only take a few minutes.

Additional advice

Keep in mind the obvious and common mistakes people make. You have to allow the product enough time to work and to produce results. Yes, the tanning itself lasts a minute or two, but visible results come in at at least a couple of hours. Our tip is to leave the product on for about 8 hours. This means no swimming or showering in the meantime. This will always give you the desired results.