Month: December 2016

Google Chrome

Since the Google Chrome Internet browser first came out, it has summed up the great interest of the software makers in the browser category and the Internet users around the world. Chrome browser, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, can be used as an alternative to other browsers, with the difference that browsers look different regarding design and reliability. You can use this software which I have tested as Turk3 editor personally even if you do surf for hours on the Internet. I can say that I have not come across a browser that is as good as...

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Winamp player is one of the best music playing programs distributed completely free. It still maintains the title of being the most preferred and used media player in the world. Winamp, which is constantly updated, is one of the first apps you think about when it comes to mp3 playing programs. With this application, which still has the old design but some new changes in the features, it’s easy to create your own music on your computer in the best way possible. In the new version, this software has also been secured, and the security exploits have been integrated...

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