Month: November 2016


Nero is one of the best quality software used to burn DVDs and CDs. It is the most popular CD printing program in the world in its category. It’s easy to use, and it writes your files on the disk in a fast manner. With Nero, it’s easy to write discs, whether you are a professional or an amateur PC user, with great design and menus in front of you, it won’t be hard. Nero9 is a new version of the digital media application that eliminates the need for all-round printing with its tangential structure. With the integrated advanced...

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With the CCleaner, you can improve performance by cleaning all unnecessary files on your computer. After cleaning up the system with the CCleaner, which also has the Turkish language supported, you get a more stable PC. Even though it’s not a large program, it does wonders for your computer by erasing excess data. The name Crap Cleaner has been the focus of attention all over the world since its first release. The reason behind this attention is the quality of the program. It works great, and when it erases your data, you feel like you’ve bought a new PC....

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The WinRAR program is the most preferred file compression and decompression software for professional computer users. The files are archived in the form of a .rar extension. The .rar format is specific to WinRAR. People from WinRAR always try to prove that they are developing their software constantly by often publishing updates. WinRAR is a professional application that can add between 10% and 20% more than other software in its category. For this reason, WinRAR will help you to save more space on your hard disk when you’re adding files. It also supports many languages, including the Turkish language,...

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Adobe Flash Player 10 is a piece of software that is necessary on every computer for playing animations on the Internet. This application, created by Adobe, allows you to view videos in flash format, view various animations with browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. Any page that has some animations loading requires Adobe Flash Player 10. It is a perfect application that allows you to play animated content in the most efficient and productive way possible. In the initial setup of Windows, this application will not be automatically installed, and you will not be able to...

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LimeWire is an open source code, and it is one of the most popular applications that allow you to connect to p2p networks and share files on a secure basis with those who use the same software. The latest versions, which have been added to the website with the Turkish language support, are practical to use. LimeWire is written in a Java-based programming language, so the Java runtime application needs to be installed to run it. You can also use a firewall with this software installed; they won’t interfere. Use it not only on your PC but also by...

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