Month: October 2016

Google Earth

With Google Earth, you can watch the world from above with a smile on your face. With this unprecedented storyline that Google has created, you can see how easy is to go anywhere in the world. This program has been a big contributor to the world since its debut and has shown great features. It is estimated that there are millions of users. We need to congratulate Google for creating excellent software; they have always been very successful at it. Google Earth is a constantly evolving application, and the last thing added is that we can observe the depths...

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Windows Live Messenger

The Windows Live Messenger communication program is an instant messaging piece of software developed by the Microsoft Corporation in 2005. With this program, you can communicate with your friends or your colleagues online with visual and voice features. As with previous versions of Windows installation, millions of users use this one, and it became the most practical software for chatting purposes. It’s easy to use, and it offers a nice way to kill some spare time. Turkey version has recently been available for download, which is improved quite a bit. We have reviewed this wonderful software for you, and...

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